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Progressive in POD propulsion technology, with an emphasis on environmental and sustainability

Revolutionairy Electric Azimuth thrusters

Our shared values: Ability, Agility and Accountability, part of our name, AAApropulsion leads us to a future where innovation, customers and the environment (people, planet, profit) can benefit to the maximum. Contribute to a cleaner environment while maintaining the best sailing conditions for your vessel.

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With an emphasis on environment, sustainability and hybrid & full electric technology, we develop and build revolutionairy POD propulsion solutions to support the diverse needs of all our customers in the maritime industry.

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with an integrated PM E motor, 4 solutions for complete vessel propulsion, power range from 90kw to 2500kw, very efficient whisper-quiet and manoeuvrable, low fuel consumption exhaust emissions and maintenance costs.

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Please call us. In a personal interview we inform you about the many benefits of the A-pod for your vessel propulsion solution.
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