Ability, Accountability and Agility.

Ability, Accountability and Agility.

Smart & sustainable

AAApropulsion is a Dutch marine propulsion company that is well represented globally with sales & agencies worldwide. This way we always speak your language. We have built up a strong reputation in both the national and international maritime industry. AAApropulsion strives towards a future where innovation, collaboration, service and the environment all go hand in hand.


The development of new technology, materials and software is moving fast. Our team of engineers is always alert to adapt our products to the latest technologies.

Our culture of continuous improvement has enabled us to achieve our innovative and revolutionary and patented A-Pod propulsion solutions.


Our team of experienced AAApropulsion engineers and technicians are working together with our customers to develop sustainable innovative pod propulsion solutions for their diverse needs. That is why we also work closely with ship architects, classification societies and shipowners to continuously improve our solutions.


Environment, sustainability and hybrid technology are high on our agenda to meet the call of the maritime industry to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and exhaust emissions. Thanks to our innovative POD propulsion technology, we maximize the environmental and economic performance of our client’s vessels.

Service & warranty

All our clients are entitled to a full service package, including support, inspections and installation.
And to underline our confidence in our own products, and more specific in our patented gear shaft, we offer a five year warranty with a SLA.


Our current job openings


The ability to change for maximum effectiveness in an innovative changing environment. And by creative work together with third parties, we continue develop unique solutions


Accountability for our own actions and results. Caring for people, communities and the environment. Doing the right thing and Listen to the ideas of our customers and encouraging an open dialogue.


Agility and fitness so that we can deal with unexpected events, market opportunities and customer needs. Agility is necessity, in order to be able to serve our customers maximaal

For maximum performance we measure the results of our customer value by

Satisfaction of our customers
Effectiveness of our throughput
Speed of our delivery

For maximum performance we measure the results of our customer value by
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