Our business

Innovation, collaboration and environmental sustainability

Our business

With our emphasis on sustainable innovation, our focus on progressive propulsion solutions and our commitment to support the varying needs of all our clients AAA Propulsion has become a trustworthy and future proof player in the maritime industry.


With our patented pod-drive (V-POD) and the patented gear shaft for the Z-drive we are unique in the maritime industry. Our pioneering v-pod is the first electric driven propulsion system with an integrated electric motor featuring a hollow drive shaft. This shaft drives a planetary gearbox that, in turn, drives a propeller shaft that extends through the whole POD housing. Due to the reduction ratio of the planetary gearbox, the propeller will always run at its most economical speed, resulting in optimal performance in terms of efficiency and thrust.


The thruster market is constantly changing, which means the demands to the thruster design naturally evolve. That is why we closely collaborate with naval architects, classification societies, and owners, to achieve an optimal product definition. Based on lists of requirements and demands, propulsion systems are subjected to a continuous development process.


Environmental sustainability and hybrid technology is high on our agenda in order to meet the maritime industry’s call for reductions in fuel consumption (increased propulsion efficiency), maintenance costs, and exhaust emissions. By emphasising sustainable innovation, and increasing total efficiency, we maximise the environmental and economic performance of our clients’ vessels and power plants.

Service & warranty

All our clients are entitled to a full service package, including support, inspections and installation.

And to underline our confidence in our own products, and more specific in our patented gear shaft, we offer a five year warranty.

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For maximum effectiveness in an innovative and changing environment AAA Propulsion opts for the scrum method of leadership. We grow through focus and simplicity. And by creatively working together with third parties we continue to develop unique solutions.


AAA Propulsion takes accountability for its own actions and results. We care for people, communities and the environment. By listening to the ideas of our customers and encouraging an open dialogue, we stay relevant and in touch with our clients.


In order to be able to fully serve our customers, agility has become a necessity. AAA Propulsion believes in individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over following a plan.