Compressed air, specially developed units for seagoing and inland vessels


We supply all compressed air requirements with a standard delivery program and special designs

We can supply all compressed air requirements with a standard delivery program and special designs whenever the combination of efficiency and reliability is important. All compressed air equipment complies with the specific rules and regulations that apply to inland vessels and to SOLAS, IMO and classification agency rules for seagoing vessels.

  • Start air compressors and boilers
  • Air treatment systems such as dryers and filters
  • Work and operating systems
  • Air compressors for unloading bulk goods
  • Air compressors for nitrogen generation

AAApropulsion highly values a reliable and robust compressed air system

AAApropulsion understands the importance of a reliable and robust compressed air system on board of your vessel. Whether the system is used for starting the main engines, supplying air to control systems or being connected to the working air system, it must be available at any time of the day.

Specially developed units for inland vessels

Our compact screw and piston compressors are combined with matching air reservoir and where necessary with an air dryer. They are the perfect solution for delivering compressed air on board, for example, inland tankers and dry cargo vessels. Common applications are compressed air for working air suction / strip pumps, pipe blowing and for the supply of air mask filters.

Our on-frame starter air modules are factory-fitted with wiring, control panel, piping, connections and possibly boilers and are ready to be used immediately upon delivery. With robust and proven technology combined with a compact design, they offer the ideal solution for all starting air applications.


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