Electric, compact, quiet and efficient propulsion solutions for the maritime industry

Facing the problems of tomorrow

The maritime industry is changing rapidly. We are tasked with the difficult challenge of reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs, URN and exhaust emissions, while at the same time stay competitive in the market. 

Zero Emission

The future of marine propulsion is sustainable. Transition to zero emission propulsion and embrace the future.  

Low water levels

Water levels drop in the inland waterways. Make sure your vessels stays operational and profitable in any situation.

Melting Arctic sea

Melting of the Arctic sea opens new & shorter routes. Ice classed vessels will be needed.

Underwater Radiated Noise (URN)

URN has a negative impact on the marine environment. Ships that reduce their URN burn less fuel and improve onboard comfort, which in turn leads to cost savings.

Remote connection

The use of smart technology like Remote connection gives you real time information of the operation parameters. Enjoy live updates and analyse problems on the go.

Efficiënt electric propulsion

Available in a power range of 90 kW-3300 kW.

Efficiënt electric propulsion

Our shared values

We believe our solutions can contribute to a cleaner environment while maintaining the best sailing conditions for your vessel. Our shared values: Ability, Agility and Accountability, part of our name, AAA propulsion leads us to a future where innovation, customers and the environment (people, planet, profit) can benefit to the maximum.

With an emphasis on environment, sustainability and hybrid & full electric technology, we develop and build revolutionairy POD propulsion solutions to support the diverse needs of all our customers in the maritime industry.

The right solution for every type of vessel




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