A-Pod propulsion, reliable, efficient and low cost of ownership.

A-Pod propulsion, reliable, efficient and low cost of ownership.

AAA Propulsion electrical A-Pod series, the right choice for...

AAAPropulsion has been successful with Electric Podded Propulsion systems for many years now. Due to the unique properties of the A-Pods and the different versions in which the A-Pod's are available, AAAPropulsion can offer many unique applications. Available from the patented version with a planetary gearbox (PG), a DD (Direct Drive) version, to the highly innovative A-Pod CRP with Contra Rotating Propellers.

By integrating the lower part of the A-Pod PG, DD or CRP into a tunnel, we can offer very compact tunnel thrusters with an integrated electric motor.

We offer a 5-years warranty on all our products in combination with a service level agreement. Each of these models are designed for maximum efficiency in thrust, performance and maintenance. Check out their unique properties.

Long ‘flexible’ propeller shaft

The long propeller shaft is perfect to absorb any shock load coming from the propeller. It has a low bending moment and can easily be replaced.

Integrated electric motor

Integrated high speed permanent magnet electric motor. Low in weight, high efficiency and very compact.

Double sealing arrangement

Double mechanical seal construction with coff erdam. Oil/water leakage is being drawn inside, so no leakage to the surface water.

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