Transverse Thrusters

Improve docking, slow speed manoeuvring, emergency steering and station keeping

Transverse Thrusters

Explore our transverse thrusters:
the ST; FP and CP-series
Lightweight aluminium execution

Besides steel executions we offer up to 300kW fully aluminum thrusters (gearbox & tunnel).

Low costs

Durable and economical design


For small to mid-sized workboats, ferries, and passenger vessels.

FP series – Up to 1060 kW

Our FP thruster, the tunnel thruster with a fixed-pitch propeller, is in theory suitable for all types of vessels. FPs are primarily used in combination with variable shaft/propeller speed and reversible rotational direction.

Reversing the rotational direction of the drive motor determines the thrust direction in the case of a hydraulic or electric drive motor. When using a diesel engine, a reverse gearbox is used to change the rotational direction of the driveshaft and, thus, the thrust direction. The thrust force is determined by the rotational speed of the driveshaft.

CP series – Up to 1150 kW

CP series – Up to 1150kW AAA Propulsion’s CP thruster, the tunnel thruster with a controllable pitch propeller, is in theory suitable for all types of vessels. CP’s are primarily used in combination with fixed shaft/ propeller speed. Thrust direction & power is set by rotating of the blades.


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