Progressive propulsion technology focused on efficiency and sustainability.

Progressive propulsion technology focused on efficiency and sustainability.

AAApropulsion the right choice for... sustainable propulsion solutions

There is a call for greener propulsion of vessels, especially near the coastal and on inland waterways. A low CO2 footprint or even zero is the goal for many shipping companies and shipowners. Therefore, electrical propulsion systems are requested without compromising the performance of your vessel. With our progressive range of A-Pod's, is AAApropulsion a reliable and future-proof player for the maritime industry.

Energy efficient propulsion

Electric driven with low friction losses and high energy density.

Low costs

Minimize rotating parts with high quality helical gears.


Acceleration sensors with remote access.

Optimal efficiency and thrust in every direction

Integrated PM electric motor

Integrated permanent magnet electric motor with hollow rotor shaft. Cooling motor through ambient water.

Long flexible propeller shaft

The long propeller shaft is perfect to absorb any shock load coming from the propeller. It has a low bending moment and can easily be replaced.

Double sealing arrangement

Double mechanical seal construction with cofferdam. Oil and or water leakage is being drawn inside, so no leakage to the ambient water.

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2 x 110° degrees steering.
360°+ degrees steering through slipring unit.

Push or Pull

Push version with or without nozzle.
Pull version.


Controllable Pitch Propeller.
Feathering option to reduce drag.
Fixed Pitch Propeller.

Retractable or Swing-Up

Retractable execution.
Swing-Up execution.

Propulsion packages

Variable Frequency Drive

Frequency drive for rpm control. Available in air-cooled or water-cooled. Build to your dimensions.


Batteries for storage of energy. Charging through regenerative energy, peak saving, additional power.

Channel Thruster

Suitable for shallow draft. Horizontal propeller placed in rotating drum delivering thrust over 360° degrees.

Steering Grid

Suitable for shallow draft. Horizontal propeller pushes water through a compact housing toward a 360° degrees steerable thrust grid.


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