Rijkswaterstaat opts for POD design

Rijkswaterstaat allows sustainable and multi-purpose vessels to be built

News item: 02 August 2017

Rijkswaterstaat has 3 multifunctional vessels built for the Rijksrederij. The Multi Purpose Vessel 30 (MPV 30) combines various functions such as fairway marking, patrolling, measuring and fisheries research on 1 ship.

In the coming years, the Rijksrederij will replace 20 ships from the eighties that are at the end of their economic and technical life. The first 3 MPVs 30 will be combined by Combinatie Bijlsma Wartena B.V.

The yard designed the hydrodynamics of the hull so that there is a low resistance in the water, so that the ship uses less energy. In addition, the residual heat from engines is used for, among other things, radiators, boilers and deck heating.

Special is also that the MPV 30 can sail in two directions by turning the propulsion under the ship and they can continue to do their work independently of the wave height.

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