The Rain Empress, the first ship equipped with our new A-Pod series

Norbert Kuhlman, Technical Director of Reederei Jaegers Germany Dick-Jan de Blaeij, CEO AAApropulsion BV, Boven – Leeuwen

Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. De Blaeij discuss the first experiences of Jaegers with the Rain Empress. The first ship to sail with the new and innovative compact electric pod design from AAApropulsion.

What were the criteria which made to choose for a pod drive?

The most important ones were, that we needed due to less space on the “RAIN EMPRESS” a very compact solution, that the electrical concept was wise based on the wide range of different propulsion loads and that the good maneuverability of the barge fitted with 2 pods was appreciated too.

After making the decision for the pod drive you automatically had AAApropulsion as supplier. Did you still had criteria which a supplier had to meet, and were they?

Based on the small compartments on board, we needed a very space-saving pod design and found it at AAApropulsion. Of course, other typical criteria were met by you too.

Now that you are sailing with the ship for a while, at which points we score above/below your expectations?

Now, after around half a year of operation, there are really no points at which you score below our expectations. We are surprised and satisfied that we had in that period no any failure of the 2 mounted pods. Especially the maneuverability, the noise and vibration levels are making us happy.

If you could do it again from the start, will you still choose the combination A-Pod/AAApropulsion?

Yes, if technically possible, we would choose again for AAApropulsion as the communication and the ability to keep in mind the special demands of the project were really above the ordinary.

Rain Empress is equipped with 2 off A-pod propulsion units ...

The A-pod is a propulsion unit with an integrated PM electric motor directly coupled to the propeller shaft. No spiral bevel gears and associated shaft and bearings. Resulting in greater power efficiency, quitter operation, less vibration, less weight and less maintenance. It has all the same advantages as the V-Pod such as: long flexible shaft, forced oil lubrication and double sealing arrangement. This unit is executed with 2x 110° steering and forward and reverse rotation control of the propeller.



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